"People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer."

Gotham, Metropolis and Star City are the main nests of crime and potential psychopaths. Brave people stand to defend their loved ones and the world where they belong, while others destroy what is left without mercy and developing the most twisted plans.
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the world among ashes

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Lucky you, this character is open.

"I carry a sword. I live underwater. I talk to ghosts. Damn right I'm crazy"

NAME: King Orin.
33 - 40.
King of Atlantis.
Kellan Lutz.


Orin was born an heir to the Atlantean Royal Family. His mother Atlanna had been unable to conceive a child with her husband King Trevis, but she was impregnated during a dream by the immortal wizard Atlan. Atlan prophesized the child’s future and named him after his ancestor Orin, promising that he would sire another son because two brothers must always struggle for the fate of Atlantis. Trevis immediately knew the child wasn’t his because of the blonde hair, a long-held superstition that a child might carry the curse of Kordax. The baby was announced as a miscarriage and left to die on Mercy Reef, where his ability to communicate with sealife allowed him to be raised by Dolphins. His adopted mother was named Porm and she gave him the name Swimmer, although he left this new family after fisherman killed his adopted brother Drin.

His next encounter with humanity was a lighthouse operator named Tom Curry who took him in as a son, giving him the human name Arthur Curry before his death.  Spending time in Alaska, he met and fell in love with the beautiful eskimo girl Kako. They conceived a child together, but the demonic god Nuliajuk forced Arthur to leave before he could learn of the pregnancy. His next fight against a God would be Poseidon’s son Triton when he rescued Princess Diana from his sexual advances. Returning to Atlantis, he was arrested and sentenced to hard labor in the Aquarium prison. He found mentorship in the former professor Vulko who taught him Atlantean, although he decided to escape when he learned that his birth mother had died. Curry’s first encounter with another super-hero was The Flash, who named him “Aquaman” during a press conference in Crescent Shore after they fought the Trickster. Upon his next return, Orin learns that Vulko has led a revolution and claims his birthright as the King of Atlantis.

It would not be long after that Orin encounter a beautiful woman named Mera who was the Queen of Dimension Aqua. They would soon be married and though the trouble was soon upon them after the birth of their son Arthur Curry Jr. Tempest attacked them resulting in the death of his son and a break down from his strong wife. 


Black Manta: Brother of Orin, Black Manta will stop at nothing to kill his sibling and claim his throne as his own.
MeraMera is his wife and the Queen who rules the people of Atlantis with him. Orin would do anything for her, should she give the command. They have so far been on unstable ground after the death of their son
Kaldur’AhmOrin’s young protégé and his side kick Aqualad.  He has taken him under his wing teaching him the ways of a Hero


None at the moment.

CITY: None. Atlantis.
AFFILIATION: Justice League.

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